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Hey there, I'm Melanie, your Squarespace Specialist
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I've spent the last 4 years testing the limits of Squarespace, trying to prove to the rest of the internet that the drag and drop platform is capable of absolutely everything a Wordpress or Showitt website can do.

Creativity has always come easy to me, and solving puzzles has always been one a close second.


So, naturally, breaking down a Wordpress or Showitt website and finding ways to make the things you would see on those platforms work on Squarespace comes easy to me.

it started when…

I was originally introduced to Squarespace 4 years ago from the many posts Lauren of Elle and Company had written, talking about how she just loved building websites on a platform that was just so easy to use, and wasn't a budget breaker.

After trying my hand at it and building a completely custom website for myself (I wasn't a business back then, but mainly just blogging for the fun of it), I was hooked to see how much more of a design I could achieve on it without breaking the bank.

My biggest belief is that building an online space for your website doesn’t have to be expensive - and definitely does not need to be complicated.

So, finding easy ways to help you build an online space for your business on a low budget is super important for me.

So how does this benefit you?

I’ve spent the last year working on products and services that can cater to those non-tech savvy business owners with less than a $1000 budget.

With this in mind, I’ve created pre-made websites that include written and video tutorials to help you achieve the design I’ve put together.

I’ve also put together some great learning resources, such as our design library, perfect for those looking to customize their website just a little more with or without any code, as well as some really amazing guides to help you with the basics of Squarespace, starting your blog, setting up shop or even making sure your website is set up for search engines.

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