My love for design began many, many years ago, and took so many shapes and forms, but the most consistent ones were drawing, painting, and digital design. Since then, I have learned so much. I moved my website from Wordpress to Squarespace and alas! My new found love for the #builditbeautiful platform was born. I knew that it was important for me to have a career path that allowed me to have the freedom of working the hours I wanted, while still being able to spend time with my family. 

I understood that it was (and still is) absolutely important to have a strong online presence.

The online world is saturated with blogs and business's that can offer the same information and services. Therefore, to make sure that this business venture would work, I needed to put in every little bit of marketing tactics I knew and learned to good use. I created this gorgeous little space and have began my road to freedom.

The perfect addition to any brand or web design site is my online resources, where you will find design inspiration, business tips, recent projects and the most up to date Squarespace tips and tutorials.