5 Elements You Should Have in Your Blog's Sidebar

5 elements you should have within your blogs sidebar. by Melanie Craft and Company

Sidebar's are deal breakers for quite a few of you. And honestly, I think it should be for many of you. 

is a blog sidebar right for you?

Well, that depends on your ultimate goals for your blog. If you're on the fence on whether you're blog really needs a sidebar, Meg gives 3 reasons on why you should probably ditch the sidebar.

But what if you are dead stuck on adding that blog sidebar? Well, then add one. If you're Squarespace template you're using doesn't offer a blog sidebar, I got you covered. A few weeks ago, I shared a tutorial on how you can create a blog sidebar when your template doesn't offer it.

What elements should you make sure to have in your sidebar?

well that's a good question. There are so, so, many elements that you can add to your sidebar that can really help you build a following and keep your readers on your website. 

Here's a quick list of some of the key elements you should make sure to include in your blogs sidebar.

1 | social media links

This can take many forms. You can choose to include social media follow links, add a instagram feed of all your latest posts, a Twitter feed of all of your latest tweets, etc. You want your readers to stay up to date with everything your sharing on social media.

2 | Newsletter Form

If one of your main goals is to grow a following online, then you're probably looking to add a newsletter form somewhere on your website. This can take form inside a blog post, but your best bet is to make sure you're adding this in your blog's sidebar as well. 

Learn how you can set up your newsletter block in Squarespace here.

3 | Category buttons or links

If you're blogging about several different topics, then it may be a really good idea to add a few buttons or links to some of your different topic categories. You can do this by creating images, and adding them to a gallery block, or by just listing them within a text or button blocks. 

4 | Featured post list

A popular or featured post list is another great way for your readers to view more of the content you provide them. These featured post list would be placed closer to the bottom of the sidebar. 

5 | Search bar

Your readers only have access to the links and content they have in front of them. Sometimes they just want to see more. Search bars allow your readers to search specific keywords to help them find the content/photo they are looking for. Quick and easy.