5 Ways To Use Photos To Boost Your Blog Strategy


We’ve all read about the importance of branded blog post images. Nice long images are great for Pinterest, which is the #1 traffic source for many. Having a consistent style and brand ensures that your audience will recognize your images, even when your name isn’t included.

5 ways to use your photos to boost your blog strategy -- Melanie Craft & Co.

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Humans are drawn to visuals and can often remember a visual better than words. This is definitely something we should take advantage of. But how can we use images to build our blogs in ways besides branded post images?

Turns out there are many options. Let’s go over 5 ways to use images in your blog strategy!

Draw Eyes To Your Sidebar

Your sidebar is a great place to include an email opt-in. Whether you’re drawing attention to your eBook, workbook, or the inspiring letters you send out weekly, adding an image will draw additional eyes and increase your conversion rates.

Kory Woodard gives us a great example in her email opt-in. The image is a great attention grabber and she then goes on to explain the benefits of joining her list. (And let me tell you, it’s a good one!)


Create An Eye-Catching Header Opt-In

Your header is another area to consider using graphics to your advantage. Using an on-brand graphic that spans the width of your screen is an immediate attention grabber. You can either let the image speak for itself or put an opt-in opportunity over it.

The lovely Maru of Fashiony Fab does a beautiful job of this on the front page of her blog. You’re welcomed by this gorgeous image and the words you see below flow onto the screen, giving you the opportunity to get started working with her.

5 Ways To Use Photos To Boost Your Blog Strategy -- Melanie Craft & Co.


Enticing Content Upgrades

I’m sure you’ve read some great blog posts about the importance of content upgrades. Including content upgrades with most of my posts is the most effective way that I’ve found to grow my list.

But unfortunately, including a small link isn’t all that effective, as most readers will skim right past it. Including a photo of what they’ll get is much more eye-catching.

To draw some extra attention to my favorite content upgrades, I take screenshots of a few pages and make graphics for my blog posts.

5 Ways To Use Photos To Boost Your Blog Strategy


Show, Don’t Tell When It Comes To Your Products

One of the most popular ways to monetize your blog is through creating products that teach your audience what you know. People come to your blog to learn from you, so giving them high-value, actionable material is great for both you and them.

Reading long sales pages is great, but without some images they can get boring. Creating a wall of text raises the chances that your potential customers won’t make it to the bottom of your page.

A great way to fix this is through breaking up your sales page with images. Anything from your product’s logo, to screenshots of the material, to icons representing each module will keep your sales pages more interesting.

I love how Fran of Freeborboleta shows off her course material at the bottom of one of her blog posts. You first see her beautiful logo for Level Up, and then you even get a sneak peak of an included workbook! Consider how much more that catches your eye than a simple link would have.

5 Ways To Use Photos To Boost Your Blog Strategy -- Melanie Craft & co.


Build Trust Through Photos Of Yourself

And the last way to grow your blog strategy through graphics is to include images of yourself!

If you’re anything like me, you’re much more drawn to a person that you’ve seen photos of. Your smiling face can do a great job of welcoming your readers and building up some initial trust. Make sure your About page has a photo and for an added bonus, take note of how Melanie includes a gorgeous picture right in her sidebar!

5 Ways To Use Photos To Boost Your Blog Strategy -- Melanie Craft & Co.


How Can You Use Images In Your Strategy?

Do any of the above tips give you ideas that you can incorporate into your own blog? Where were you including simple links before that you can go back and add graphics now? Let me know in the comments!

If you want to learn a little more about increasing your blog strategy, grab my free 8-page workbook to get started!

Krista Rae shares 5 Ways To Use Photos To Boost Your Blog Strategy -- Melanie Craft & Co.


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