Adding Social Sharring Buttons To Your Squarespace Website


Last week, I shared a post about connecting your social media accounts to your website. A tutorial that will help people find you on any of your social media accounts. However, what if people want to share your blog posts or work on THEIR OWN social media accounts?

I believe that one of Squarespace's biggest downfalls is that our audience has a limited ability to share anything on on our website because the share buttons are just not that visible to anyone - unless you know where they are.

If you're a developer and have the Squarespace for Business account, you're able to add a little bit of code to your Squarespace website. But what about those who don't have access to Developer Mode or don't even know how to create custom code to add these visible share buttons on their website?

Adding SumoMe share buttons to your Squarespace Site -- Melanie Craft & Co.

Photo credit: Ashley Ella Design

For those people, I'm here to help, by providing you with one of my favorite FREE apps that will help you have share-worthy links for your audience.

I'm a huge advocate of SumoMe. This app is amazing, and offers so many great tools for growing your blog or small business, such as Google Analytic, List Builders and more. You can learn much more about what they offer by reading through the website's ‘About’ page. But for those of you who are sold on setting up share buttons anyone can see, then tutorial is for you.

STEP 1 | Signing Up For A SumoMe Account

Assuming you do not have an account already, you will need to sign up for one. First, navigate to the SumoMe website and sign up by clicking the green button on the top right corner of your window. Once You’ve clicked on the sign up button, it will lead you to a new page where you will need to fill in your information, such as the link to your website, your email address and a password for your account. Then click on the big green sign up button below the form.

STEP 2 | Installing SumoMe To Your Website

After you’ve signed up, it will bring you again to a new window. This window should look similar to the one I have below. Copy that code given to you. You’ll need to paste in your website's Header Code Injection.

Once you’ve copied the code, go to your Squarespace website. Click on Settings > Advanced > Code Injection. That Menu should look similar to the one below. You’ll need to paste that code in the ‘Header’ Box. This box should be that first box in the menu. Save what you’ve done this far.

STEP 3 | Adding the Share tool to your website.

Once you’re back on your websites first menu, you can see the SumoMe blue box that you will find on the right side of your window (it should be on the right). Click on the crown to sign into your SumoMe account using the same email and password you used when you signed up in step 1.

You should be able to see a pop up screen that includes a button that will lead you to the Sumo Store. Click on that. (Note: I already have the ‘Share’ app installed on my website, that’s why it appears on my home screen. Once you’ve installed it on your end, you should have it there too).

In the Sumo Store, you’re able to get access to a ton of cool apps for your website that could help you build your email list, see your websites Analytics, share stuff, and more. You’ll want to scroll down until you get to the “sharing” section. Here you should already be able to see the share app. Click on it and install.

STEP 4 | Customizing your share buttons.

What’s great about the app is that you can customize the buttons to fit your websites branding. You can choose what services you want people to be able to share your content on and determine where you want your buttons to be placed on your website!

You can do all the above in the settings and layout section of the Share app menu.

Have the Sumome buttons already? How do you like them?