Adding Links to your your Gallery Blocks in Squarespace


There are so many great uses for the gallery blocks within Squarespace, all of which can really transform your website and really help you grow your business.

Most often, you see gallery blocks used to showcase a portfolio. This can be useful for photographers, web designers, graphic designers and more.

Learn how to add links to your gallery block images on your Squarespace website - Melanie Craft and Company Blog

Within the gallery block, you are capable of linking your images to certain pages within your site or even outside of your site. For example, include links so that clients or viewers can be lead to see more photos of a specific session.

Below I will show you how you can add links to your gallery blocks, and use them as a call to action within your website.

First things first you will want to navigate to the page or blog post that you will be adding a gallery block to. Click on the black circle to the left of your page. Next, you will want to decide which gallery block style you will be using: The slideshow, carousel, grid, or stack gallery layout. But for this tutorial, this will work with any gallery block style you choose. 

Adding links to your gallery block images in Squarespace

Once you’ve clicked on your gallery block layout, you will see the pop up settings for that specific content block. If you already have an existing gallery you will be able to choose that gallery or upload your own images in which you have not already linked to your website. For the sake of this particular example I will just add images on my own within the grid gallery block.

Adding links to your gallery block images in Squarespace

Once your photos have been uploaded onto your site, you will see that they will start appearing within your gallery. Now we will start adding links to those specific photos in which you have uploaded.

Hover over one of the images within the blocks settings. Here, you will see a little menu option when you hover over a specific image. These options allow you to edit your photo, delete your photo, or add a title and description to your image. The one will be choosing in order to add a link will be the very first option, which will look like a little gear icon - click on that. A new popup window will open which will be the settings for that specific image. You can choose to add your title at the very top, and a description of the photo right below that. In the black box, you will be able to add a click-through URL.

Adding links to your gallery block images within your Squarespace website

Click on the box that says to add a URL, and you will be able to add an external link, upload a file, or include content links. Choose whatever way you want to include your link. For this example I’ll be adding a link within my own content and have this image URL lead readers to my service page.

Adding links to your Gallery Block images in Squarespace

You can continue to do this for each additional photos you choose to add to that specific gallery block. Once done,  click save to to make sure all of the information you've added to your gallery blocks are not lost. 

Now if you test it out you will be able to click on that specific image and it will bring you to a new page, document, etc. in which you have linked.