Adealiah Kozimor Photography

Adealiah Kozimor, Brand designed by Melanie Craft & Company

What We Did

  • Brand Inspiration
  • Logo Design
  • Color palette

Project summary

Adealiah reached out to me asking for feedback on her branding and website design. She thought her original designs felt too child-like and wanted to be sure she had something a little more professional as she transitioning her business.

I loved working with Melanie! Her prices are very affordable. Her designs are unique and geared specifically towards what you want as a brand. I would recommend her to anyone because she wants to design what you want as a brand.
— Adealiah Kozimor
Adealiah Kozimor Photography, Brand colors, designed by Melanie Craft & company
Adealiah Kozimor Photography, Brand design inspiration by Melanie Craft & Company