How to start blogging with Squarespace


Hey friend! I'm so glad you joined the epic and cool Squarespace club!   I've been working with this platform since August of 2015 - and I know I've never thought twice about switching back to Wordpress. 

Seeing as you are new to the platform, I figured it would be great to help you get to know it a little better, especially if you're planning on blogging with this platform. So, in today's post, I'll be showing you how to create your blog page and get you started on writing your first post.  

How to start a blog within the Squarespace platform

Creating your blog page

Assuming you've already created your Squarespace account, you'll want to first start by creating your Blog page. This is definitely the first step you'll need to take - especially since you don't have anywhere to write your posts.

Most, if not all, templates come with a blog page already, but just in case it does not, here are the steps you'll want to take to create your blog page.

On your dashboard, navigate to the 'PAGE' section, then click on the '+'. You will end up with a sort of pop-up box that gives you several different types of page options to choose from: page, gallery, index, blog, etc. Seeing as we are more interested in creating a blog page at this point, you'll want to click on the image with an "a" and that says "Blog" under it. 

This will bring you to a new screen on your dashboard. It will give you the option to rename your page. I went ahead and kept it simple by writing "Blog".

Adding your first blog post

Yay! That first step is done! Now it's time to start writing and sharing your valuable content with the rest of the Internet. You should be left with the screen similar to the image below.

To create a new post, you'll want to click on the '+'. From there you'll get an other pop-up box. This box is your blog post. On the very top text box, you'll want to add your post title.  Below that will be where you add all of your blog content. Ever. Beautiful. Word.

If you hovered your mouse over the little dark bubbles on the left side, these are the sections where you can add other elements to your blog post.

You have the opportunity to add one individual image, a quote block, videos, a gallery block, a newsletter block, and so much more. (Related: How to set up your newsletter subscription block). Don't be afraid to be creative with this - This could be so much fun to put together!

Once your finished writing your blog post, you can start adding your tags/categories. Amanda of kaleidoscope wrote a wicked post about what the difference is between the two and how to use them correctly

Now for the last sections - The top right tabs. You can click on 'options' at the top of that blog post box. This tab gives you the option of adding an excerpt image and text. Depending on which template you have, this lets you shorten your post on the blog page and gives you a "read more" link. In this tab you can also give your post a custom link title. Yep, any name you want!

In the 'locations' tab, you can choose to add the location of where you're blogging from. This can be great for those who are travel bloggers. I personally don't mess with this section since I don't exactly want to disclose my location.

Lastly, we have the social tab. In this tab you can choose to post on your different social media accounts when your blog post goes live. All you'll need to do it click on each one you want. 

Once you're done plugging in all the information needed for your post, you can either go a head and publish or schedule it for a later date! If you're looking to schedule it, click on the 'Draft' section on the bottom right of your blog post. Then click 'Scheduled', then 'now'. Choose the date you want your post to go live and then click off of that little pop up calendar. BE CAREFUL THOUGH! You don't want to click out of your blog post - It could close your entire post if you don't save it. If you want to post it right away, go ahead and chose 'published' option and then click save when your done.