Choosing the right plan

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Choosing the right website plan means that you are making sure that you have all you need to run your business online.

Squarespace offers a series of plans:

  • Personal;

  • Business

  • Commerce Basics

  • Commerce Advanced

Website plans

The Personal and Business plans have features ideal for most modern websites. You can use a template to lay out your content, add pages to navigation menus, upload galleries of images, and more. You can also manage a small online shop without all the bells and whistles featured in the Commerce plans.

Personal plans:

The personal plan is better suited for smaller sites with one or two contributors. If you are an individual or small group looking to use your website as a portfolio or to blog, then the personal plan would be the best fit for you.

Business plans:

The business plans are for bigger sites who are in need of unlimited contributors and need the premium features offered by Squarespace. This plan allows you to display your work, create a home for your business online, sell products on a small shop page. The business plan uses the same design and checkout as you would see in commerce plans, however, the features are a lot more simple and straightforward.

If you need extensive content or a team of editors or admins, then the business plan would be best for you.

Commerce Plans

Commerce plans include two different tiers - Basic and Advanced. Both are great for small retailers new to eCommerce and/or larger stores that use advanced marketing and shipping needs. If selling online is the primary goal for your website, this would be the best option for you.

Basic plans:

The Basic plan supports smaller businesses and eCommerce retailers who don't need advanced integrations for shipping or marketing. If your site is focused on eCommerce, you can sell unlimited items and build your online store on the commerce-focused templates offered by Squarespace.

Advanced Plans:

The advanced plan is perfect for larger eCommerce stores that process many orders and need advanced shipping and marketing options, choose the Advanced plan to use a full set of state-of-the-art selling tools. Integrate with Xero for taxes, Shipstation for label printing, and use carrier calculated shipping rates to give your customers the best, most affordable shipping options.

Premium Features

Here’s a list of the premium features offered within Squarespace.
*Are offered on the Business plans
**Are offered on the Commerce plans

  • Announcement Bar

  • Amazon Block

  • Appointment Scheduling Block

  • ChowNow integration

  • Code Block - html, plain text, markdown, css code when surrounded by <style></style> are available on every plan. Javascript are only available in Business plans.

  • Code Injection, site-wide and per-page

  • Commerce and all online store features, including Customer Accounts

  • Developer Platform

  • Donation Block

  • Facebook Pixel

  • Mailchimp integration in the Form and Newsletter Blocks

  • Menu Block

  • Mobile Information Bar

  • OpenTable Block

  • Promotional Pop-Ups

  • Zapier integration

Note: Certain features, like Abandoned Cart Recovery, Purchase Funnel Analytics, and some third-party commerce integrations, are only available in Commerce plans.

Subscription options

Regardless of the plan you chose, you have the option of an annual or monthly subscription.

Tips on choosing a plan

Squarespace offers so many amazing features that can help you grow your audience and sales. The way to know what plan you should have should be based on what you NEED from your website.

Start by making a list of some of the features you will need to use.

[possibly create a checklist in Canva of all of the features that are offered. All they need to do is check them off]

Quick FAQ’s

How long are the contracts?

Squarespace offers monthly or yearly subscriptions - and you can start or stop them at anytime, and at no extra cost.

Is there a discount for yearly services?

Yes, there are some discounts on the yearly subscriptions. You’ll also receive a free domain when you purchase an annual subscription.

Do I need any other hosting?

Nope! That’s what great about squarespace. It’s an all in one platform - Everything you need in one place.

Can I switch plans?

Yep - You can do this at any time within your website settings. When you upgrade or downgrade your website plan, you’ll receive either a pro-rated charge or refund, depending on the cost of your new plan that you chose.

How to publish/Subscribe your website

There are two ways to publish your website, but the easiest way would be to:

  1. Click on the blue button on the bottom of the page that says “Publish Your Website”.

  2. Click “Upgrade to publish”.

  3. Select your plan (website - personal or business; Commerce - Basic or Advanced)

  4. Choose your subscription (annually or monthly)

  5. Type your payment information.

  6. Click Subscribe.

If for any reason you don’t see the blue botton on the bottom of your screen, here’s how you can get to the same screen as above.

  1. Click on SETTINGS.

  2. Click Billing & Account.

  3. Click Upgrade.

  4. Select your plan (website - personal or business; Commerce - Basic or Advanced)

  5. Choose your subscription (annually or monthly)

  6. Type your payment information.

  7. Click Subscribe.