Choosing the right template

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Choosing the right template for your Squarespace website.png

Squarespace offers a wide variety of templates for you to choose from and customize to make your own. Each template offers something a little different from the rest - different styles, different features, etc.

Our go-to templates

We love to start any of our projects using any one of the Brine family templates. In our opinion, this template family are the easiest templates to style and offers the most customization options within the Style Editor, perfect for desktop and mobile devices.

Some of their best features are the stacked Index page, the large banner images, parallax scrolling, unique navigation styles and much more.

You can find more than 40 templates in the Brine Family - all of which support the same features and styling options. Browse these template here*.

Choosing templates based on features

Some of the features are common and available in most templates offered, however, templates also offer special features that are unique to that specific family template.

An example of this would be that you could create a blog page on any template, but only the Sky and Farro template families will support the infinite scrolling and related posts built into your article.

Below are some of the features that vary by template.

List of Features by templates

If any features are absolutely important for you when it comes to designing your website, definitely explore templates that support them.

TIP: If a template you like doesn’t offer a feature you are looking for, there may be a different way to recreate it.

Blogging templates

Your site's Blog Page sets the layout of your posts and affects what metadata displays, like author, date, categories, and tags. If blogging will be an important part of your site, select a template with a Blog Page you love.

Some of the Squarespace templates showcase thumbnail images to grab readers' attention. Here are some good options to explore:

To see an overview of options by template family, visit Blog features by template.

Shop templates

All templates have the ability to sell products, however, some templates offer extra shop features like Quick View and Image Zoom.

If your primary goal is to sell products or services, use a template with the Advanced Products Page. Examples of this include:

Portfolio templates

Gallery Page designs are a great feature that displays media in exciting ways. This includes full-bleed images that span the width of the page. If having a gallery is an important feature of your site, explore the Gallery Pages in these templates:

If you'd like to use images throughout your site, in many templates, you can add full-bleed banner images to the top of individual pages. Here are some suggestions:

  • Aria has full-bleed page banners, and you can stack multiple banners in an Index.

  • Bryant also has full-bleed banners and a stacked banner Index.

For a full list, see all banner options by template.

Gallery Page features by template

Template feature alternatives

If you love a template but one of its features doesn't work for you, there may be an alternative way to achieve the same effect.

On any template, you can:

  • Create custom image layouts with Image Blocks and Gallery Blocks.

  • Add text links to create custom navigation menus.

  • Create a custom blog landing page layout with Summary Blocks.

  • Create a custom store layout with Product Blocks.

  • Add related blog posts with Summary Blocks.

  • Use Cover Pages to create full-bleed background image effects and uniquely-styled pages.