Different ways you can be creative with your Squarespace website.


I love Squarespace, and will probably forever choose the platform over any other platform out there. It's simple. It's functional. There are just so many possibilities that come along with it. 

Of course, with any other platform, there are some downfalls. There aren't as many templates for you to choose from. However, there are so many amazing changes you can do with each template, just as long as you are creative enough to do it. 

Different ways you can be creative when designing your site in Squarespace

photo credit: Ashley Ella Design

Let's go over some things that you can change in order to make your design better work for you.

Your blog page design

The biggest issues you see users talk about is the fact that a lot of the templates do not include a sidebar, or that the excerpt images don't appear when you've enabled them on your blog page. 

Even though these templates are incredibly restrictive with the way the blog page is set up, there is a work-around to help you get exactly what you need from your blog page design.

Rekita Nicole Faux Sidebar -- Melanie Craft and Company

Rekita Nicole shares an amazing way to change things up with your blog design when the template you choose does not offer a sidebar. She walks you through creating a faux sidebar using the summary blocks. 

Not only does Rekita's tutorial help fix the issue of having a sidebar on your blogs page, it also addresses the issue of your excerpt images not appearing on your blog. 

Create buttons with gallery and image blocks

Squarespace does offer some already great button block features. By this I mean, they offer 3 different button block sizes: small, medium and large - All of which you can customize the colors, fonts and more. But what if you want to switch things up and use a custom image as a button?

A great way to switch things up is by adding either a single image block or adding a gallery block (if you have several images you want to click through). You can be so creative with this, y'all! 

I've previously shared a tutorial on how to add links to your gallery images a while back. You'll be able to customize any image and link that specific image to anything you want to share. 

Lindsey Brooke Design shows a great example of what you can do with the click through gallery blocks images -- Melanie Craft and Company

I love the design of Lindsey's portfolio page! I love that she has showcased images of all the different rooms she has decorated for her clients and the way that she was able to link through to a bigger image gallery of the specific project she worked on.

Take advantage of the summary blocks

Summary blocks are used to provide a quick glimpse at a list of products or blog posts you have. You can sort them into categories or just show off the latest. There are different ways to be creative with summary blocks, and I'd love to share some of my favorite ways to utilize them. 

Create an Archive:

I love the idea of creating an archives page using the summary block because you can customize this page in a few ways. You can sort through your post by category name. On my very own archives page, I've sorted through each major category on my blog: Squarespace, Business, Blogging and Design.  Separating each category makes it easier for your readers to find old, but specific, blog posts.

customize your archive page in Squarespace -- Melanie Craft and Company

Read more blog posts...

On wordpress and blogger sites, you often see at the very bottom of every blog post a little Horizontal list of other "blog posts" that can relate to the posts your audience may already be reading. This is an amazing way to use the summary blocks as a "call to action" to keep clients interested in your website or keep reading the amazing content you're putting out. 

Lauren of Elle and Company uses her summary block this way as well. 

Creative ways to customize your Squarespace website -- Melanie Craft and Company

How have you customized your Squarespace site? Share them in the comments below!