Saying goodbye to 2016 & what's in store for 2017


Happy new year friends! I'm so excited about the new things in store for Melanie Craft & Company. And I'm definitely more so excited to share them with you.

But before I get into that, I really wanted to recap everything, or the biggest things anyways, that have happened for me in 2016. 

Saying Goodbye to 2016 and what's in store for Melanie Craft and Company in 2017


01 | My parents FINALLY came to visit me in Texas;

It's been a while since I was able to see my family since the whole immigration thing started. I think it had been 2 years since I last seen them - Isn't that crazy?? My parent's coming down and finally seeing what Texas is all about was the best experience for me for sure. We had the opportunity to show my dad most of the History in the Houston area. I've never seen a man so fascinated about battleships and water! And my mom... Oh geeze... She's such a tourists! They loved being able to spend all of their time here with their grand daughter. Seriously never seen so much love spill out of them.

02 | I received my green card

Receiving my green card was probably another one of the biggest (and most exciting) things that have happened all year. This had been a huge stress release and allowed me to really start working rather than just blogging and hanging out for pleasure.  

This had also opened so many doors for my future, which I'll be getting into shortly. 

03 | I started working a full time job

Now I know there's a lot of talk of people quitting their 9-5 to pursue their solopreneur dreams. Unfortunately, this just wasn't in the works for me just yet. It's been a pretty stressful year financially so this had lifted quite a bit of stress off my shoulders. 

I started working in an Attorney's office as a Legal Assistant. Working this job full time while having a side hustle has taught me so many things: Organization, Time and being thorough in your work is the key. You open so many cases in a day and are having to sort through any paperwork that comes into the office. Even the client phone calls take some time. 

I've actually used quite a few methods from working in this law office into my own business (Maybe this is something I'll share with you in the next coming weeks??). 

04 | I launched my design services;

This was it. All of the hard work I've been putting together behind the scenes. All of the client projects I have worked on free of charge. All of the dedication and organizing. It all paid off when I was able to hire 9 clients in the time span of 3 months - That's huge for a company that no one has really heard of.

but with 2016 gone...

It's time to start thinking about the future. It's time to start planning and setting goals for the next year. Where do I want to be? Who do I want to cater to? Do I want to grow my team?

I have been dreaming big things for Melanie Craft & Company, and have been working hard on getting this company to grow a little each day. 

So what's next for Melanie Craft & Company?

I've been planning on adding a few products to the shop this year. This will include premade logos / branding, templates and new website themes. I'm also working on expanding my services and creating an epic class for all of my Squarespace lovers!

I'm dreaming big things this year. Because this year, is my year.

What's your year look like for you? I want to hear all about it in the comments below!