How to Create a Drop Down Navigation Menu in Squarespace

Learn how to create a drop down navigation menu in Squarespace in 3 easy steps! - By Melanie Craft and Company

Sometimes you don't want to add so many pages within your navigation - There really isn't a need to clutter your main navigation with dozens of link. So the best way to go about it, is by adding a drop down menu within your navigation to break it all up.

In todays post, I'll be sharing how you can create a drop down menu within your navigation using the Squarespace platform. 

view the video tutorial:

written tutorial

step 1 - add a new "page"

Choose which navigation you'll want your drop down menu to appear, and click the "+" sign on the right of that section. You'll want to add a "folder" type page for this to work. 

step 2 - add subpages

Now that you have set up the basics for your drop down menu, you'll need to add additional links for your menu. To do this you'll want to add pages as "subpages".  Add as many or as little as you want. 

step 3 - Test it out

Once you've added all of your pages you want to add within your drop down, I suggest testing out the look and feel of it, just to make sure that everything works perfectly.