How to create a popup form in Squarespace

Create a popup form on any template in Squarespace - SquareCode HQ

This one doesn’t require any code, but I did receive some questions about this over the last few months. Here’s how you can create a pop up for your contact form, questionnaire or newsletter subscription.

Step One

In the area where you want to add a button for your popup form, you will need to add a form block.

Step Two

In the settings panel of the contact form, name your form (this is what will appear as your subject line when you receive an inquiry if you use it as a contact form) and add all of the fields you want your audience/clients to fill out.

In the storage section of the settings panel, add your email, or connect your form to zapier, Google Drive or Mailchimp.

Next, in the advanced tab you’ll want to add a message you want to tell your audience after they submit your form - Something along the lines of “Thank you, we’ll be in touch within xx hours” - Make sure it’s personable!

Step three

In the advanced tab, scroll all the way down until you see the ‘lightbox mode’. Check the lightbox mode to enable it.

Next, add the text you want to have for your button. Examples include, “Sign up for our weekly newsletter”, “contact us” or “fill out our questionnaire”.

Step 4

Click ‘APPLY’ to save the changes on your form. Next click SAVE to save the changes made to your page.

You should end up with something similar to this: