How to create a testimonial block slider with no code

How to create a testimonial slider with absolutely no code, by Melanie Craft and Company

There are a handfull of ways you can showcase a client testimonial within your Squarespace website. In today's tutorial, I'll be showing you how to create a Testimonial Slider within your Squarespace site, with absolutely no coding necessary.

Take a look at the video tutorial or read through the written steps below.

view the video tutorial:

written tutorial

Step 1

In the unlinked section, you will create a new "blog" page and name it Testimonial. This will be where you will house all of your testimonials you've received from all of your clients or customers.

Step 2

Each blog post you create will be a different testimonial. Start out with the first. In the title of the post, you will put your clients name or business name (or both). In the body of the post, is where you will insert the testimonial. 

Then click on 'options' at the very top of your post settings, and you will paste the testimonial there to. This will allow your client to really see what they have to say. Then click 'save & publish' to make it live. 

You'll want to repeat this step until you don't want to showcase anymore testimonials. 

Step 3

Now that you've set up the back end of the testimonial slider, you'll want to actually create the slider. To do this, you'll want to head to the section of your site where you will be adding it. In the tutorial video, I used my 'hire me' page.

Click the tear drop and add a summary carousel block. In the carousel block settings, you'll want to click on the 'testimonial' page you just created. In the next settings section named 'layout', you'll want to remove the header text and leave it blank, or you can choose to write something like "what they've said" so you're readers know what they are looking at. 

In the items per row section, you'll want to move it all the way to the left until it says 1. You will also be able to change your text size and the text alignment. I prefer 'large' and 'centered'. 

In the display settings section, you'll want to only have the title and excerpt checked, nothing else. You'll also remove the date by click the drop down for the primary metadata option.

Then click apply. 

Step 4

Make sure you save your changes within the page, and then that's it. You're all ready to go!