How to design your lock screen for your password protected pages in Squarespace

How to design your lock screen for your password protected pages in Squarespace, by Melanie Craft and Company.

Today I'm sharing a tutorial on how to design the lock screen for your password protected pages. 

If you're new around here, my name is Melanie, I'm the blogger and designer behind this little design studio of mine. I share tips and tricks on how to navigate and use the Squarespace platform.

You can choose to watch the video or follow the written steps below.

view the video tutorial:

Written tutorial:

What is a lock screen?

The lock screen is a page in which your visitors view before visiting a page that contains a password. Your visitors are prompt to input a password before viewing content that is only visible for them, or anyone with the password.

Step 1 - Click on 'Design' > Lock Screen

This will bring you to the design settings of your lock screen. 

Step 2 - Choose a template

There are a handful of templates to choose from, that depending on where you want the password area to be. Choose the template that you love best.

step 3 - input your information

You'll be asked to either input your business name or upload your logo for this lock page. You then have the option to include a headline, and text. Don't forget to save what you've added.

It's important to note that the lock screen is generic - This means that you will see the same lock screen whether you use it for clients, or for your resource page. So make sure that your not too specific on the information you add. 

Step 4 - Add media

You can choose to change the background to an image you wish. You even have the option to changing the background to a video. 

step 5 - style your lock screen

Just like the style editor, you're going to design different areas of your lock screen. Your font, font colors, background colors, lock button, password section and more. Once done, click save.