4 Easy Steps To Upload Your Squarespace Logo

Squarespace tutorial: How to upload your website logo to Squarespace -- Melanie Craft & Co.

photo credit: Ashley Ella Design

When it comes to creating a brand new website on a platform you've never used before, it's good to have tutorials on how to find and do things quickly.

One of the first things you do when it comes to designing your website is adding your logo, so today I want to share this quick tutorial on uploading your very own custom logo to your Squarespace website.

Let's get into it!

How to add a logo to your Squarespace site -- Melanie Craft & Co.

step 1 | Navigate to the design tab

First things first, you'll want to be in the very first page you have when you log in to Squarespace - This is called your 'dashboard'. In your Squarespace dashboard, you should see the word 'DESIGN'. Click on it.

step 2 | Navigate to logo & title

Once you've landed on the Design, click on ‘Logo & Title’. It should be the first link in the list.

step 3 | add/create your logo

Scroll down to the ‘LOGO IMAGE’ section, should be right in the middle area. If you don’t already have one created, you can create it by clicking the 'CREATE A NEW LOGO' button. In order to add your logo to your website, you’ll need to click the ‘Add a logo.’ link, which will open up a window for you to upload your file.

step 4 | save your logo

Once you’ve uploaded your image, your last step is to click 'SAVE' in the top left corner of the dashboard panel, otherwise your logo won’t be added to your website. Once you've saved the changes you've made, you're website will automatically reload, which will allow you to see your updated logo on your page.