Why it's important to include photos on your website or blog


There have been so much talk in the past that the only thing you ever needed was great content. Unfortunately, as we keep evolving, so does everything else.

We live in a very visual world these days, where everyone carries around a camera - whether it be from your phone or an actual camera. People just need to look at some photos to get themselves or even keep themselves interested in anything.

The importance of including images anywhere on your website -- Melanie Craft & co.

When it comes to blog photos, there are a few main reasons why they are truly important for your brand and why you should add them to your blog. Images do a lot for your blog or website in general. Here's a list of reasons why you should really think about adding them to your website and why it's important that you do.

They add texture, detail, context, value...

Images affect your e-commerce - a recent statistic shoes that 67% of customers value the quality of a product image as more important than product specific information (63%), long description (54%) or ratings and reviews (53%). [source]

Photos make you look like you're the real deal

Photos are evidence that you look like you know what you're talking about, especially if you use high quality images. They're what makes people trust your brand before they continue to read what's next.

They Make your brand stand out

There are so many bloggers and business owners in the same niche as you, so images help your brand stay unique.

I mean, look at the Elle and Company blog photos. They're gorgeous, colorful, simple, etc. Or byRegina who include really great attention grabber titles on her images. 


Those little details is what makes your blog graphics (or post) for one, get shared more often, and two,  it reminds people of who you are and what kind of content you write.

They add value to what you write

Because let's face it, when you have a blog filled with only text, it makes you want to give up reading that post. You get bored and tired of reading something that is nothing but text. At least, that's what it's like for me...

Blog photos keep the attention of your readers. They make your post interesting and add quite a bit of value to your text - especially when you include infographics or screenshots of a tutorial.

They act like advertisement

people remember graphics that are beautiful, which helps your readers remember your brand. Photos you've added in your portfolio or your blog, act like "free advertisement" in a way. Think about it in this way, you're showing people what you're capable of doing, what kind of work you've done, and who you can help. People are more likely to work with you, if they know what kind of work you do. Adding photos of your portfolio to your blog is also great because they are share-worthy - people are able to pin them as inspiration or recommend your work else where.