MOODBOARD: Empowering + Gold

Moodboard created by Melanie Craft & Co.

I haven't shared some of my work since I decided to rebrand my site last, but I'm excited to be showing off this moodboard I created a week ago, with y'all today!

This client got in touch with me a few months ago about rebranding and redesigning her website. The amount of excitement that I have with working with this amazing client of mine makes me so incredibly happy - especially because I'm a fan of her work and I love the direction she wants to take for her project.

I really love the colors that we're going for and the prints/patterns I'm going to be adding to her design.

We're currently wrapping up the logo design for her website and will be starting her web design after the holidays!

Can't wait to see the finished project!

Are you looking to  brand or design your website in the new year? I'm currently booking for February 2016 - Let's chat!