How one online course changed the way I planned my business


There is a lot of planning that goes on when your trying to take your business to the next level. There are also a lot of resources you can use to take your business there.

Last week, I shared a post about how you can prepare your business for complete success by teaching you how to set up goals for your business in the new year. But once you've set your goals, how can you keep yourself accountable so that you can accomplish everything before the end of the year arrives?

In this next post, I'll be sharing my thoughts on one app and course specifically that helped me create a strategic system for my business, that helped me plan my business and keeps me accountable.

For the last year, I have been researching about how business owners plan their business, and how they keep themselves accountable. Of course, I could plan what I wanted to do and complete before the end of the year, but I could never find a system that could help me stay on top of tasks I had, projects I needed to manage and more.

It wasn't until I started watching/listening to Haley of Market Beautifully, that I heard about an app called Asana. She had been using this app to keep herself on track and plan every aspect of her business.

How one ecourse changed the way I plan and run my business, by Melanie Craft and Company

Watch the video instead?

What is Asana?

Asana is an online project management system that allows you to manage projects and tasks within your business. It's a tool to keep you on track, in sync with your team (if you have one) and helps you hit any deadlines you may have set within your business. 

Here's just a short list of ways you can use Asana for your business:

  • project management
  • organization & Productivity
  • Kanbook Boards
  • Reporting
  • Project planning
  • Manage workfllows
  • team collaborating
  • team calendars
  • to-do lists
  • & much more.

Cue Asana for the Entrepreneurs

As I mentioned before, I first heard of Asana through Haley over at I was listening to her on Instagram live when she had talked about how she uses Asana to help her focus on planning her Quarters and keep all projects, blog posts and podcasts on track. That's when I mentioned to her that I needed to find a system that would help ME do the exact same for my business.

She said she had created a course that walks you through how she created a super awesome system to keep all of her projects organized, helped her keep track of deadlines and more.

Of course I needed to really check it out, so I learned more about her course through her sales page, read the entire thing, and watched the video of her and Sam on a podcast episode. Then I clicked the enroll button, read the course lessons and I was sold. 

Here's what the course covers:

Class Curriculum for Asana for the Entrepreneur

How I used the Asana course to plan my business

I don't know about you but I LOVE learning about how people run their business: design tools, planners, organization, apps, etc. 

When I saw that Haley shares exactly how she uses Asana and makes it work for her business, I was definitely hooked. She made creating these different sections within her business easy to put together. I watched her videos, recreated her templates, but changed them a little so that the sections I need for my business works for me.

Melanie craft & Company Project section

Haley shows off a different way to set up your Business specific project board, but I decided that I wanted to keep this section as simple as possible by making sure I keep all of my information in one spot: Quarterly goals, Affiliate links, Passwords and all of my business expenses. 

How I use Asana to Plan my business, Melanie Craft & Co.

As you can see, I have 4 quarters nested under the quarterly goal section. In each quarter, I include goals for that specific quarter in the description area, and then break that quarter down into months. For example, Quarter 1 is broken down into: January, February and March.

How I use Asana to plan my business, by Melanie Craft and Company

In each month, I include specific to-dos that need to be completed within that specific month, all of which should help me achieve the goals I've listed in that quarter's description.

For each task listed within the month, I get more specific and I also make sure to add due dates to each one. This way, I can keep track of each deadline, and know which task tasks priority.

editorial calendar project section

Another way I use Asana for my business is to track all posts in my editorial calendar. Similar to how I set up my business project section, I set up my editorial calendar to show off a braindump of each topic I'll be writing about on the Melanie Craft and Company blog. 

How an ecourse changed the way I plan for my business, by Melanie Craft and Company

In each blog post, I've outline some basic "to-dos", such as outline the posts, fill in the details, review, create graphics, etc. 

Other board sections within this project include outlined, review, scheduled, published, and more. Once I complete a post, have outlined it and am now ready to review it, I can move each post section over to the next section. This way I can keep track of what I need to focus on and what's coming next on my calendar.

Haley shares some pretty awesome insight and ideas of what you can add, and how you can make these specific project / task boards work for you.

My review on the course

Having tried Asana, and purchased Haley's course, Asana for the Entrepreneur, I can honestly say that this lady knows exactly how to help you plan your way to success. 

I have used her systems for my business and editorial calendar, and have tweaked both those sections to make sure I include specific things I want to make sure I keep together, and remove those that don't relate to how I use my business.

Since my business is shifting, I am currently working on the setting up my client workflow, and have even used some of her systems to create a section for my personal life, so that we can keep track of due dates for any personal expenses, sports we watch, events for my daughter and any income coming in for our family. 

I have been planning my business, blog, and personal life using asana for the last 4 months. In that time, I have noticed that I am a lot more productive, attentive to deadlines, and even more organized. In that time, I have completely revamped my business, prepared for the shift in services, and launched many 4 products.

I have 3 new Squarespace templates planed to launch in the next 3-4 months, a new online course launching mid-year and a new Youtube channel planned to launch in the next month, filed with tutorials to help you build your website - All because of the valuable help and guidance Haley has provided through this course.

With that said, I DEFINITELY recommend purchasing this course, especially since it's inexpensive and it includes literally every little bit of information about the project management system: how it works, tips and tricks on how to use it and even shares the templates so that you can implement them for your business.

Seriously, these templates are GAME CHANGERS, and WAY MORE detailed than what I have on my own asana account.

Have I sold you on the course or even using Asana?

I really hope I did, because your business could probably use the help of this course to help you scale your business, and take it to the next level. 

If you're interested, definitely head over to Haley's course page to learn more, and if you're ready for the course, enroll for just $27!! Seriously, $27 is a complete steal!!


Have you used Asana? Have you taken the Asana for the Entrepreneur course? I'd love to hear your thoughts and learn how you use it to plan your business for success.

Share how you use Asana to plan your business and tag me on instagram at @melaniecraftco. I always love to see how you all use it for your business.