Setting up your newsletter block in Squarespace


There is no doubt that I love Squarespace. I have been using it for just under three years and haven’t thought about switching back to Wordpress or Wix. Not even once.

There are far too many great great things you can do within the platform. Some of which I’ve already shared in previous blog post. But today I am Sharing a tutorial on how to set up your newsletter box within your Squarespace website.

One of the things I love about Squarespace is that just about everything I could need to run my business is integrated within the platform. I don’t have to worry about having to go through several different applications to get what I need, or go through hoops to connect it together. Instead, Squarespace has everything you can connect, including your newsletter signup form, in just a few clicks of your mouse.

A walkthrough tutorial on how you can setup your newsletter form in Squarespace, by Melanie Craft and Company

First things first, you want to find or navigate to the page and section where you would like to include your sign-up form. In order to show you an example I created a blank page that includes text and sections where I will be included this form.

Setting up your newsletter form in Squarespace

If you hover over to the left side of your page, you will see lines and little black circular dot. In order to add any kind of content block, you will want to click on it. You will then see a list of different blocks that integrate with Squarespace. The one we are looking for is “newsletter”. To find the block, you can either choose to search your content block, or you can simply scroll down until you get to the more section of the list.

Within the section you will see the second to the left, is the newsletter block. Click on that. You will then be seeing a Pop up block with all of the newsletter blocks settings.

Setting up your newsletter form in your Squarespace website

In the settings, you will be able to add a title to your newsletter block as well as the description. Any changes that you make within the settings, you will be able to see it directly on your page.

Below the title and description section you’ll be able to check off if you want to require a name field or if you just want to collect email addresses only. And then you could choose to provide a disclaimer for anyone that signs up for this specific form. Lastly you will be able to determine how you want your text to be aligned and how you want your form to be laid out.

Setting up a newsletter form in Squarespace

At the top right corner of your newsletter block settings, you’ll see three links: display, storage and advanced. In this next section you’ll want to click on storage. This will determine how you will be collecting your audiences information. For this tutorial we are going to simply be collecting emails so that your audience can subscribe to my monthly newsletters.

Setting up a newsletter form in Squarespace

Click on the mailchimp button to connect your account. You will then be seeing a pop-up that request permission to connect your newsletter block to Squarespace. You’ll need to use your login information to connect it. Once you’re logged in you’ll be able to select the list in which you want to collect subscribers from.

The final step in setting up your newsletter block is by clicking advanced at the top right corner of the newsletter blocks settings. You want to determine what text you will be using for your button when your audience subscribe to your newsletter. In this case square space predetermines this as “sign up“. Lastly, you’ll want to display what kind of message you are going to give them after they sign up for your form. In this case I would tell them “thank you so much for signing up for our monthly newsletters. Be sure to check your inbox to confirm your subscription“.

Setting up your newsletter form in your Squarespace website

Don't forget to click apply so that you can save all of your changes made to this newsletter form. If not, you will lose all the changes you've made to your form. Once you’re done you have already set up your newsletter block within your square space site. You’ll be able to do this within a blog post, or page on any given template.