Squarespace Extension/Block Identifier: The #1 tool I love to use when building client sites

My favorite tool I use to help design custom websites in Squarespace

Okay, so I wanted to kind of touch on this one tool because I think it could be an important part of building your website in Squarespace.

For new users, Squarespace is confusing platform and does take some time to get used to the user interface (UI). And when it comes to coding, it could be even more complicated because the code is completely different than other platforms.

Squarespace uses what we call BLOCKS and are essential the foundation of your website, each designed to add different types of content to your website.

While each types of blocks have they’re own class, they also each individually have their own Block ID.

You can have the same Squarespace block, for example a summary carousel block, on different areas of your site, which consists of the same class, but each of those summary blocks have a different idea.

The Squarespace Extension/Block Identifier is a FREE Google Chrome Extension that allows you to showcase the block id’s and the collection ID for the various types of blocks and pages used on your website.

This type of Extension is perfect for those times when you are just trying to target one individual block instead of making changes to all of them.

All you need to do is add the extension, click the Icon in your browser, and you will see all of the block ID’s and collection ID appear on your page.

Then find the specific block you are looking for, click on it to copy the blockID, and paste it within your CSS pannel. You should be able to completely edit your code from there, and only make changes to that one block you copied.