Squarespace Templates that offer Blog Sidebars


Squarespace has grown A LOT since I first started on the platform 3 years ago. Unfortunately, the new templates they have been rolling out with don't offer the blog sidebar option.

Lucky for you, I went through all of the templates Squarespace offers and provide you with this wicked list of templates that do offer the sidebar option. Short. Sweet and Right to the point!

11 templates with a Blog Sidebar Option, by Melanie Craft & Company, Squarespace Web Designer


The template offers a wide range of features specifically for non-profits and small businesses. It has a beautiful interface and includes countless features make it an ideal template for almost anything. (view)


A classic template with a timeless look, Avenue’s clean, straight lines and adaptive grid-based layout are especially popular with photographers, illustrators and designers. (view)


Hayden is a contemporary design favored by small and mid-sized businesses with a chic aesthetic and a modern sensibility. (view)


Forte is a bold yet minimal template that features full-screen images and precise typography. Its landing page pulls visitors into your portfolio, showcasing the range of projects for your restaurant, portfolio, or business in beautiful high-resolution. (view)


Wexley’s gallery layout adapts to the size of the images in your visual portfolio and to screen widths, making it perfect for artists, creative professionals and photographers who need a dynamic way to showcase everything. (view)


A one-of-a-kind template with a one-of-a-kind name. Ishimoto is a portfolio template with an innovative, horizontal gallery slider that makes it preferred among photographers, artists, and restaurants. (view)


Wells is popular with artists, photographers, and businesses that value simple yet elegant design. (view)

8 | FIVE

Five is a clean, professional template that’s easy to set up. It's also preferred by small and mid-sized businesses for its dynamic layout and numerous customization options. (view)


Bryant was designed with real estate in mind. Whether you're selling a single lot or the entire neighborhood, Bryant's bold thumbnail galleries and customizable features lists help you make the sale. (view)

10 | ANYA

Anya makes capturing the spirit of your engagement fun and easy. Its intuitive interface and beautiful features make it an ideal template for telling the story of your time together. (view)


With automated grid layouts and hover-activated image swapping, Galapagos makes it easy for your customers to find more of what they’re looking for. For the coolest shop around, try Galapagos. (view)