What is SEO and why is it important for your business?


In the most basic terms, SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization and is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of the traffic to your site with the help of organic search engine results.

What is Squarespace SEO, and why is it important for your Squarespace website? Post by Melanie Craft & Company.

Why don't we think about it this way? There are on average, approximately 3.5 billion searches done on Google. That's about 40,000 searches per second. Isn't that an insane statistic?!

How Google will read your content on your website is absolutely important to the success of your online and offline business on the internet. People are always looking for products or services and SEO is what will help you be seen online through search engines like Google.

In today's world, we're no longer asking for references from family and friends about who is the best dentist to use, or who can refer an attorney for a family case. People are just looking for the first available person that can help them solve a problem or answer questions they have. 

Your business has so much potential to reach another client just because of the internet. with the internet, you have the ability to reach anyone and everyone with the help of search engine results.

There are so many components that go hand-in-hand with high Google rankings, but the most important ones are content, inbound links, page titles, page descriptions, image captions. 


We've created a course to help you optimize your Squarespace website, and get you to start ranking within the top pages of Google.


Boost your squarespace seo

The course has officially launched and is available to you for $67. this course was designed and created to help guide you through not only how to plan and research, but also implementing what you've researched within your own Squarespace website. 

Just a few things you'll get in the course...

  • Video tutorials
  • Guided worksheets
  • Copy and paste Asana Workflow
  • Course support
  • Future course updates

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