When To Know You're In Need Of A Rebrand (free checklist)

When I first started blogging back in December 2014, I was thinking of ways to grow my audience in a way that I didn't really need to do much to gain it.  I had no idea what I was doing. I basically was writing just to write, talking about weddings, fitness, health, food, blogging... Literally anything I could think of or wanted to write about.

After 6 months of blogging I realized that my blog growth just wasn't cutting it and that I was no longer happy with the look and feel of my website. I hated that I wasn't able to design my website the way I wanted to with Wordpress because I had little knowledge of CSS and HTML, nor did I have the money to hire a designer to help me with it. 

When will you ever really know the appropriate time to rebrand your website. Here are some great questions to ask yourself via Melanie Craft & co.

I had decided to rebrand my blog in August and officially launched it this past September - something I was so happy to do. It gave me the extra push to focus on what I really wanted to help people with, who my target audience was and what they wanted - valuable and knowledgeable content to help them grow their brand with a platform that is easy to use and one they love. 

You're probably wondering how will you ever really know when your blog or business needs a rebrand. That's what I'm about to share with you now. 

Ask yourself...

Are you feeling a connection with your audience/clients?

Sometimes you just don't feel like your reaching out or getting the feedback your looking for from your readers. Maybe it's just that you're not getting excited about a project your doing with them. You do it anyways, because that's what's paying the bills, but you still haven't reached your ideal DREAM client...

Does your website name match what your brand is about?

Look, I get it. I've gone through that phase when I first started blogging. I just randomly picked a name for my blog; One that was my like 10th choice because all of my top choices were already chosen. I mean, my first website name was "Style With Me Melanie". When you visualize the name, you probably think 'oh she talks about fashion'. NOPE. Not even close. I was blogging about food and fitness and design. 

Are you happy with your visual identity?

Times are changing, people are evolving and so do businesses. People are often looking to reinvent the way their logo/website looks, because they aren't happy with the look and feel of it. 

Bloggers and entrepreneurs are often looking for ways to make their blog or website more professional. That's an other way of knowing when you're in need of a rebrand.

Are you concentrating on too many topics?

Sometimes, when you're blogging about too many things, it becomes overwhelming. Narrowing down your focus is always ideal and usually leads to a complete rebrand of your website.

Has your audience changed?

This one goes hand in hand with the last question. If you've decided to narrow down your topic, or switch to a completely different niche, then you're audience probably changed. 

I've changed my audience a total of 3 times during the year. I was trying to talk about everything, and trying to reach every audience in all these niche (health & fitness, blogging, wedding, design). Changing my audience has always led me to rebrand my website. 


This checklist is designed to help you get started with rebranding your website! Download your FREE checklist by entering your information below. Don't worry, I won't share it with anyone!