Why I switched to Squarespace from Wordpress.


One thing I get asked a lot is why did I choose to switch from Wordpress to Squarespace. Honestly, I had thought about moving to an other platform for a while, but I wasn't sold on Squarespace until late 2015 when I was seeing everyone was just raving about how easy it is to post content and really build my website the way I LOVE.

I had been using wordpress for a year before that, and honestly, I'm not Wordpress savvy so the entire time I was using the platform, I was miserable. It took me MONTHS to set up the site, and I was really never happy with the design. It was time for change.

I took the plunge and tested out Squarespace for the two week trial period. I was ready to see what it was all about. And I was definitely ready to build a website that I could really love.

Why I switched from Squarespace to Wordpress, by Melanie Craft and Company

My first thought

Like any other new product, there was a slight learning curve. I was learning something completely new, that I had never seen other than in Lauren's blog posts

Creating an account was easy. And it was even better that I didn't need to input my credit card information to get started.

Once I got into the dashboard, and started playing around, things would start to get even easier. And by the end of the day, I knew exactly where to find what I was looking for within the platform.

Designing my website

I honestly wanted the web design to be simple, clean, yet very professional. I knew I didn't have a whole lot of money to spend on a web designer, so I was looking for new ways to really design and grow my brand on my own. Squarespace seemed like the perfect solution for that.

At the time, there weren't too many themes to choose from (unlike Wordpress), but the themes they provided were well designed and looked extremely professional from the start.

I didn't really have to worry about all these other things that I needed to download on Wordpress, for example, hosting and SEO, analytics, etc. Squarespace really took care of all of it for me. And what was great was that the platform had potential to setup shop, if I decided to go that direction.

I kept my website real simple: I designed a homepage, about, blog, resource and contact page. That was it. That was way before I ever started my little website design studio. Below was my very first website I designed.

Old Squarespace website Design for Melanie Craft and Company

Blogging was huge for me back then. I had been reading on the internet that you could make money blogging through affiliate links and and through product reviews. I was seeing all these different bloggers getting all of this free stuff and would keep getting free stuff as long as they would review their stuff. 

I was taking my blog in that direction, so I wanted to be sure that if I transferred my blog, I can include my amazon associates ID and code snippets for products I recommended. I also wanted to be sure that if I switched, that the process of transferring my content to this new platform would be easy and stress free.

Within minutes and a few clicks, my blog was transferred, and I was already ready to start blogging on this new platform. 

I loved that it was easy to navigate, and even easier to create new blog post. I wrote a post on how to blog with Squarespace

To this day...

It's been 3 years - maybe 4, that I've been on the Squarespace platform. When I think back on the time I was blogging with Wordpress, I remember all of the frustration and complications I had trying to set up. I remember feeling unhappy with the designs I had, and not feeling like I can design my own website the way I want. 

When I switched, I had done so much research. I designed a select few websites and learned so, so much along the way. 

As of September 2017, I've officially began my website design business. I've had the opportunity to work with a handfull of amazing clients, and was able to provide one of a kind designs that helped my clients gain more clients and showcase their best work. 

To this day, I am absolutely so thankful for the switch, and for a platform that allowed me to concentrate on other parts of my business instead of the backend headaches. I am able to create content, design my website the way I LOVE. 

I am even able to create designs for future clients with the help of our integrated shop and our custom design services.

Everything Squarespace has to offer.

  • Many modern templates to start from
  • Template switching with ease
  • Style Editor with hundreds of different settings
  • responsive design
  • Starter page layouts
  • Free Google fonts
  • Custom CSS settings
  • Chart blocks
  • Video backgrounds
  • Drag and Drop management
  • Responsive image loader
  • Image focal point control
  • Adobe Image Editor
  • Lightbox presentation
  • Image SEO
  • Image Metadata importing
  • Different gallery options
  • Display effecs
  • Video galleries
  • audio collections
  • Social links
  • Dropbox file synchronization
  • Easy importing
  • Content downloads
  • Facebook page intergrations
  • Acuity Scheduling
  • ect. 

You can learn more about the different features that Squarespace offers here

If you're ready to make the switch, use the code 'GIMME10' and save 10% on any annual plan. Please note, this discount is only valid for first purchases.


I'd love to hear from you!

Do you have a website with Squarespace? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the platform, and what made you decide to switch in the comments below.