Why we love to use Dubsado for our design business


** Before we get started, I do want to note that this post contains affiliate links for a software I use on a daily basis. This means, that by clicking on my link or using my affiliate code to subscribe to a paid plan, I will receive a free month - BUT you will receive 20% off your first month or year with Dubsado.

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Dubsado has to be one of my top business tools that has ever been created. That’s saying something since I’ve used SO MANY OF THEM in the past that just couldn’t do what I was looking for.

Since this is a tool I use almost daily, I thought it would be great to share some of the great features and how I’ve been using it.

What is Dubsado?

Dubsado is a Business Management Solution that was created to help make running your business go a lot smoother - Helping you build better, stronger relationships, schedule appointments, and streamline your workflows to make working on a projects easier than ever.

Client Management with Dubsado

client management

  • Create projects for your clients

  • Lead capturing - You can embed a lead capture form on your website that will capture leads and trigger an automated workflows;

  • Email & Conversation Mode - use your own email to correspond with your clients. Client emails will automatically be tracked within their project so no need to scroll through your inbox;

  • Client portals - Allow your clients access to their forms, emails, invoices and more. Embed a password protected login page on your website for easy access.

  • Project statuses - perfect to help you organize your clients and projects into categories, on-boarding stages and more.

  • Project tags - Tag projects for further organization

  • Task boards - Create private boards for you and your team to stay on track or share public boards with your clients to reach goals together;

  • Time tracker - Keep track of the time you spend on each project and apply billable hours to an invoice.

Contracts and forms with Dubsado

Contracts & Forms

  • sign contracts (and receive a notification of any contracts that need to be counter signed)

  • Send questionnaires, feedback forms and more.

  • Allow clients to upload and share their content using the file uploader

Workflows, automation and triggers with Dubsado


  • Workflows - Automatically send emails, forms, and invoices and trigger unique actions and tasks within a project. Set up pauses in a workflow with required tasks or approvals if you want to check in at any point;

  • Triggers - Customize workflow actions to be triggered conditionally or at a specific day and time.

  • Automated templates - Create templates for your workflows for repeated use, or customize a single workflow;

  • Automated responses - set up automatic and personal emails to be sent to your client as soon as they reach out to you.

  • Smart fields - Gather data from your clients, and use that data to auto-fill fields in your forms and emails to eliminate the need for manual entry.

  • Organization - Tag projects and change project statuses using custom triggers;

  • Form reminders - Send automatic reminders to notify your clients about incomplete forms.

  • To-Do Reminders - Create internal reminders for you and your team to stay on track with each project.

Invoicing with Dubsado


  • Send invoices to clients - they can pay them from any device;

  • Set up payment schedules & reoccurring invoices for month-to-month clients;

  • Send automatic reminders for payments that have not been paid;

  • Gratuity - Clients can now tip you for your great work;

  • Set your preferred currency;

  • Accept payments with Stripe, PayPal and Square;

Newly integrated scheduler with Dubsado


  • Appointments - Allow your clients to book time spots based on your availability

  • Form attachment - Connect questionnaires, proposals and lead capture form to a scheduler for your clients to fill out when booking an appointment

  • Booking fees - Require a fee for your clients to pay to secure an appointment slot;

  • padding time - Add some time before and after appointments to give your self enough time in between them

  • Daily limits - Set a max number of appointments per day;

  • Website embedding - Add your scheduler to your website so that your clients can easily access and book an appointment with you.

  • Appointment reminders - Automatically send reminders to your clients with upcoming appointment details;

  • Rescheduling - Allow cleints to easily reschedule an appointment based on your next available date and time;

  • Minimum scheduling notice - Prevent any last minute bookings by setting a minimum window between the time of booking and the appointment;

  • Calendar integration - sync to Dubsado with your Google, iCloud, Outlook, or Office 365 calendar to prevent overbooking;

accounting & reporting

  • Financial Reports - Compare month to month financial history and view profit breakdown through charts and graphs;

  • Chart of accounts - Organize your income and expenses into different categories

  • Profit & Loss - Quickly view profit and loss records and export statements for tax purposes

  • Financial goal - Set annual or monthly goals and track your progress along the way;

  • Transaction Records - Record income and expenses and view a complete history of your transactions.

  • Outstanding invoices - Quickly view all invoices that are past due with the click of a button;

  • Source tracking - Track and categorize where your leads are coming from;

  • Source Reporting - Monitor the amount of revenue generated from each lead source.


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Beginning July 29th at 10am and ends July 31st at 10am PST, Dubsado is offering a summer sale*.

Sale rates are $30/month or $300/year (reg $35 and $350). Sale price must be locked in and paid for before the sale ends on July 31st at 10am PST. This sale price is for new users without a plan.

Dubsado is also opening their Forever Plan for one hour only on July 31st from 10am - 11am pst.

The Forever Plan is a one time fee of $950 for the Dubsado standard membership. No more monthly fees. It is just a one time payment. Within the Forever Plan, you can add two more additional brands for free. Any addons such as multi-users or future addons will always be 30% off for you. To view all terms and conditions regarding the forever plan, click here.

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