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Are you looking to outsource the entire template re-design process?

The perfect service for anyone looking to customize the demo template beyond the demo installation services we offer.


 Restyle is perfect for you if…

✔ You’re launching or relaunching a new brand/business that’s 0-3 years old.

✔ You love one of our templates but need some tweaks to make it unique to you.

✔ You love a good DIY but don’t want your website to look like one. 

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Price: $625

What’s included

1 website template from our shop

Our brand design questionnaire

Customizations of all pages designed within the chosen template

1 week turnaround

Access to our training resources

1 week of technical support


Here’s a quick peak at current templates

HOW it works

1. Start by filling out the form below;

2. Pay the initial deposit & sign the contract;

3. Complete your branding assignment provided within your client portal - This will allow us to make sure we have all of your branding components together for your website.

4. We will start customizing your template making sure the style is unique and matches your branding completely.

5. Once we’ve completed your website, you’ll submit your final payment - We’ll hand over the reigns once we receive confirmation of your payment.

6. Celebrate your new design!

SquareCode ReDesign Banner (1).jpg


+ What platform do you do this on?

At this time, we only perform demo re-designs on Squarespace.

+ How does the process start?

Start by filling out the contact form, and choose your design week. We'll confirm your design week dates to make sure we are available, by forwarding the initial invoice and the contract.

Once we received confirmation of the signed contract and your initial deposit, we will send you an email with the next steps to take before your project start date.

+ What does "re-design a website template" mean?

We customize the colors, graphics, fonts, images for you. The one element that will stay consistent to the template is the layout. So, be sure to choose a layout you really love!

If you would like a completely custom website design, contact us here.

+ How many pages does this include?

We customize however many pages the chosen template includes - typically up to 6 pages. Additional pages beyond the amount specified in the template is subject to additional fees.

+ Is a logo design included in this?

No, it is not included in a website re-design service. However, we do collaborate with brand designers, so if you're looking to outsource your brand design, we can definitely work this out.

+ Can you help me build a shop?

Yes! Please contact us to discuss the platform's capabilities and your specific needs.

+ Do I need to pay a retainer fee?

Yes! We book a number of clients who are looking to get a website up as soon as possible. Once we book the design week for you, that means we do not book anyone else. The retainer fee is non-refundable to make sure that we honor the week we've set aside just for you, and for our other clients.

+ What will the finished project include?

You get a fully implemented and launched website, our training workshop to help you update your website in the future, and all the graphic files used in your website.

+ What do I need ready before we start?

We need all of your content before we can start the project (images, website copy, logo, etc). We'll guide you through the steps of our Brand Assignment that needs to be completed before your design week.


Ready to get started?