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How to disable Summary block link's

Disabling the summary block links are a great way to showcase some of your work, posts or gallery view without bringing visitors to the content - especially if they don’t have access to the page. I used this feature when promoting our tutorial library. You can view how it looks here. This tutorial is pretty easy - even beginner users can easily set this up since it’s basically a plug-and-play type of code, and can be used on any template.

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How to you can replicate the banner section you see on Erin McGinn's site within your Squarespace website

I had a question come up in an email from a new member, asking about how you can achieve a similar design as the sections within Erin’s about page. There are two options we can achieve this type of design. I’ve studied the way the designer of this website has set this up and Option 1 seems to be more fitting and requires a little less code.

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