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New to squarespace?

If you are new to Squarespace and need a little extra guidance on how things work, be sure to check out our free course (or walkthrough, rather), Squarespace 101.

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resource library

If you are looking to take things one step further, you can be sure to take a peak at our resource library. It provides you with SO MANY TUTORIALS, no matter what learning stage you’re in - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

  • Beginner: has tips, tricks and tutorials to help you customize our Squarespace template WITHOUT ANY CODE.

  • Intermediate: includes tips, tricks and tutorials for those who have some knowledge in code.

  • Advanced: includes tips, tricks and tutorials for any user who is very experienced with CSS.


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We’ve created a community specifically built for collaboration, support and learning. Come learn all about Squarespace and how you can customize templates one step further than your templates.